25 free rainy day ideas for the holidays

Play in the rain

  1. Read to your child, or have them read to your child
  2. Visit your local library, there are always events happening.
  3. Create a play/ put on a show  to put on for the neighbours, aunts and uncles, http://happyparenting.com.au/all-the-world-is-a-stage-our-children-the-stars/
  4. Bake with your kids, if send in you favourite recipe that you make with your child and we will include them on the Happy Parenting website.
  5. Get creative with craft – search the internet for awesome ideas, here are a few:
  6. Encourage the cubby under the dining table and let the imagination take them away, just be sure they will pack away when they are done, my kids love the blankets, but if you can sew, how cute is this. http://wholovesthat.com/diy-fabric-cubby-house/
  7. Put on your gum boots and jump in the rain, mums and dads you have to join in.
  8. Play an old fashioned or a new board game, My kids love Banagrams, 30 seconds, Pictionery, Cluedo, Monopoly.
  9. Have a play date with your besties
  10. Hire a movie and watch while eating popcorn under the covers.
  11. Put the radio/ favourite song/ CD on really loudly and dance like crazy, that will get rid of extra energy.
  12. Look through old photos and create a story with pictures.
  13. Get out a super big puzzle and build it together.
  14. Get a huge sheet of paper, draw your body outline and then re-create yourself with clothing, shoes and a smile!
  15. Play hide and seek.
  16. Play dress-ups and enjoy imaginary play.
  17. Create and build with Lego and blocks.
  18. Build a city from all the things in the recycling bin.
  19. Pretend to have  a salon/ barber at home and paint nails and do hair or “shave beards”
  20. Spring clean for the new season – Sort, throw away, pack away for later and give away to someone else who needs it!
  21. Set up an indoor play area using outdoor equipment if safe.
  22. Play follow my leader with your child, let them lead the game and you follow!
  23. Check out your local museum or art gallery, lots of stuff to see and do.
  24. If you are lucky enough to live where there is snow, get outside build a snowman and have snowball fun.
  25. The minute the sun peeps out get outside and enjoy all the Vitamin D coming your way.
  26. For extra fun….. Go ahead, jump in puddles!!!!


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