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What you told us…

  • “Using our planners and having days run smoothly, focusing on me for a change and I feel so much better”
  • ” I’m finding hope. Thanks.”….
  • “The past week is already helping me be calmer and listen to the children.  I am still making mistakes but I am learning.”…
  • Hi Judith-Rose, So much of what you said resonated with me….  I need to fill her little tank. Fill it early and keep it topped up. This caused a big shift in me!”
  • “By the way, great event. My husband and I both got to listen to it last night &  it was just the refresher course/boost we needed. Looking forward to the rest of the program.”

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Hello there and welcome! I am Judith-Rose Max, parenting mentor and founder of HappyParenting.com.au and creator of the 7 Day Parenting Challenge.

It is such an incredible privilege to be welcoming you into this life changing event! Over the last few years I have been empowering parents to reclaim themselves  to create the family life of their dreams. Over this time, I have been lucky enough to positively touch the lives of thousands of parents on their journey to overcome frustration and overwhelm in their parenting journey, even when for some, nothing seemed to be working.

If you are watching this you can most probably relate…

Wherever you have been and whatever has happened on your journey so far, today is a special day! And I have extremely exciting news for you! Our 7 Days to Calm, Confident Connected Parenting is on the horizon. This is an incredible, educational event that provides a definitive path for you on your journey to overcoming frustration and overwhelm to create the family life of your dreams.During the 7 Day Parenting Challenge I am going to be taking you through everything you need to know to optimise your family life, even when other strategies have failed.

If you have been struggling to parent in a calm confident connected way and you want to create a harmonious home more than anything in the world, this will be THE MOST important 7 days of your life. I promise you, you will learn things you can start putting into place immediately and begin to transform your results.

You will have light bulb moments each day as you discover what I like to call the “things you didn’t even know you didn’t know”—which actually in my opinion encompass some of the biggest reasons why you are feeling so frustrated, overwhelmed and disappointed with the way you are currently parenting your kids.

During this remarkable FREE event I’m going to be taking you through my entire PARENTING Methodology where I will share the 7 C’s approach to Parenting  – helping you make the changes required to transform you results.

I want to show you a different way towards the family life you dream about; a better way, than what you’ve experienced so far—because from my own personal experience and the people I have worked with, I know it exists and I truly believe you deserve to live it now.

So join me!

Enter your name and email on this page and I’ll send you the details you need to begin transforming your results today! I’m really excited to have you on board and to be getting you started on this positively life changing journey!!

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