About Happy Parenting

Happy Parenting is a platform where the knowledge of global parenting experts is available to mums and dads in a way that is convenient, non-judgemental, interactive and practical.

Happy Parenting was developed as a place for everyone to have easy access to the resources to empower each of us to be the best parent we can be.  After all, parenting is a hard job, and one of the most important ones we will ever have.

Happy Parenting is an in-depth online resource for parents with kids of all ages. We provide a direct line to some of our foremost parenting experts through regular Telesummits and events, which you’ll be able to register for through the website. On our Happy Parenting site, you’ll find balanced and thought-provoking articles, practical and entertaining podcasts and a storefront showcasing a range of highly regarded books, CDs and other parenting products and resources.

At Happy Parenting, we offer parenting one-on-one coaching taking the pain out of parenting by holding your hand and leading you in the right direction, we believe it takes a community and more to raise a child!  As mothers and fathers, our “parenting lifeline” is the experience, wisdom and reassurance of fellow parents and experts.


About Me


I’m Judith-Rose Max, the mother of 3 fantastic girls and the creator of Happy Parenting. Five years ago, I was your typical parent,  I was struggling with myself and my children, because I had become the parent I vowed I’d never be. I found it hard not to yell and let my frustrations get the better of me. I found myself at a loss in certain situations.  How best to build my child’s overall resilience and positive sense of self, how to address sibling rivalry, how to cope calmly with my children’s tantrums and soothe their overwhelming emotions.

I searched for the right parenting resources, one that balanced, meaningful connections and life lessons to encourage children, rather than hinder their exuberance and passion. The resources and courses I found were filled with so many mixed messages, leaving me confused all round. Rather than remain in confusion, I decided to go to the experts in the parenting field.

Over the years, I have worked in conjunction with the experts to deliver practical parenting tips and traps.

Recently we launched our Parenting on Purpose Program, hailed as the “the best parenting course I’ve ever done, and I’ve done many!”  We work with you, hold your hand and hold you accountable all at the same time.

So many mothers and fathers feel pressured to ‘know what’s best’, and it’s not always easy to acknowledge that outside guidance is sometimes necessary to improve in the areas where we stumble. Having worked with many parents, I recognise how regularly parents experience challenges that leave them feeling overwhelmed, stressed and angry, uncertain and unsure of where to turn. I wanted to find a way to make a genuine difference and positively impact as many mums and dads as possible. Happy Parenting was born.

Happy Parenting empowers mums and dads with easily accessible solutions to everyday parenting challenges. Join our VIP list at www.happyparenting.com.au to receive our empowering tips to triumph over your everyday parenting struggle and start producing a  powerful positive impact on your family.

Love Your Life Coaching

At Happy Parenting, we have recognised the desire of our clients to achieve ideal results as individuals, it is essential that you love your life, and so we have introduced Life Coaching and Strategic Focus. We work with you, the individual, to keep you on target for achieving excellence in all areas of your life. We facilitate you to seize the opportunity and overcome whatever may have stopped you from scoring goals in the past and support you to smash through every single goal with a smile on your face.

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