Are you a goose – 5 attributes of a winning family team?


I often say, we are all part of a team at home, a FAMILY TEAM.  Ours is Team Max.  I’m hoping yours is all about you and your family. Do you operate as a team? Sometimes we are very effective and sometimes not so much.

Looking around there are so many teams with a winning formula that we could model at home to empower our families to work together as a successful team.  Geese work together when flying south for the winter to travel further, they support each other and play to their strengths.


What 5 attributes can we recreate to become our very own successful Family Team?


1.  Clear Goals and Rules

Everyone in the family knows what the “rules” are.  We use family values as our guidelines.  Our children know that if they are living within those guidelines, they will achieve our family goals.   One of our values might be, “I will do whatever I can to keep you safe my precious child”, so the rule could be, no crossing the road without an adult if you are under a certain age; or you can  always call me when you need me.  I am here for you, no matter what, day or night!


2.  Excellent Communicators

All family members listen when others are speaking, we listen first and speak second, we don’t interrupt and we communicate constructively.  Constructive communication means we are honest and direct, and we do so in a positive, confident and respectful way.  So everyone gets a chance to have their say and we all stop what we are doing to “listen up” to what the other person is sharing.


3.  Respect each other and our differences

We treat each other courteously and respectfully even if we don’t always agree.  We don’t yell and we never hurt each other physically or otherwise.  We are kind to each other.  Family time is for having fun and laughing together and it’s so much better when we know we are loved, respected and appreciated by our Family Team members.


4.  Help each other

Family members know we are always there for each other, we work together and the strongest quality we have for helping each other, is that we are problem solvers, not problem dwellers.  Helping each other does not mean we rescue each other, or supply the answers, it means we do what needs to be done for the greater good of all.


5.  Team Players

We participate in everything, we do not sit on the sides.  Our contribution is obvious, flexible and reliable because our Family team members know that they can rely on us to do our best and that we will always show up.


My question to you is, do you want to be a goose or are you content to be a pigeon?  Sometimes teamwork comes naturally, but if it doesn’t, remember taking that first step is where it all starts, so take the first step and create your Family Team!


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