#Dailytips for parents – Mornings


Plan what you can and let go of what you cannot.

Before you hit the sheets tonight, get organised for your morning – these are some of the things you can do:


  • Check with kids they have their school bags packed, (homework inside)
  • Confirm they have everything they need to take the next day
  • Are school clothes laid out,
  • After school activity “stuff” packed
  • Do they know how they are getting home?/ What they are doing after school? (Especially little ones just starting school, write them a note/ draw a picture so that they can refer to it if they need to).



  • Are the lunch boxes ready,
  • Are Your clothes ready – I recently read an article that can make your life even easier, create a “uniform” for your working days that looks good and that you love that you can grab each morning to speed up getting yourself ready and feel good.
  • Is your handbag packed?
  • Do you have your keys at hand (I could not find mine this morning and we were almost late for school, I would have had to attend my daughter;s detention)


What is making parenting a challenge for you and what tips do you want more about – more about mornings tomorrow…..


If you want to discover more ways to enjoy your parenting, connect with your kids and life the family life you love, please, get in touch with me directly:#DailyTip vimeo (2)

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