Do you ever give yourself a pat on the back? And one for the mum or dad next to you?


As parents we are blessed with the most awesome journey in the world, and like most things in life it comes with a mixture of the good and the bad, too often we harp on the bad…


If I look down the list I see one or two things apply to me, certainly not all.  But do I notice these things? Do I tell myself it has anything to do with me?  The short answer is NO!.


So mums and dads out there, how often do you tell yourself you have done a great job? How often do you notice the wonderful parenting someone else around you is doing?

  • Do you wake up in the morning and notice how your child dresses themselves, brushes their teeth, packs their bags and puts their dirty plate in the dishwasher before leaving the house?
  • Do you kiss your child good bye in the morning and think, they know how they will come home today, they will be safe crossing the road, and they will make good food choices at lunch time?
  • Do you sit at work or stand at the supermarket and sigh in relief that “I won’t have to pick up after anyone today because dirty clothes are in the laundry not strewn all over the floor”
  • Do you laugh to yourself that you won’t need to nag anyone to do their homework, only a gentle reminder that they have been outdoors playing slightly too long?
  • Do you see them play with their brother or sister? Do you overhear them giggle secretly simply enjoying being together when they think you are not looking?
  • Do you notice how they are able to express themselves when they need your attention?
  • Do you watch your children and their friends of choice and marvel that they have chosen the bff’s you would have selected?
  • Do you watch in awe of the way that they persist long after you might have given up?
  • Do you see how they look you in the eye when you are talking to them?
  • Do you know that one day they will make a fine mum or dad because of who they are?
  • Do your children model the way you’ve always been there for them as their negotiator? Their nurse? Their doctor? Their teacher? Their sports coach? Their nutritionist? Their artist? Their story teller? Their vet? Their writer? Their librarian? Their social worker? Their bank? Their taxi driver? Their counselor? Their confidante? Their parent?
  • Do you recognise how you have inspired their inquiring nature to explore their wide world with enthusiasm and confidence?
  • Did you consider how you’ve given them all these awesome abilities and more to be who they will become in life?


Have you seen your child cast an eye over their shoulder looking for your approval, encouragement and belief that THEY CAN DO IT, because they know if your believe it, it must be true.


Have you told yourself you did a great job today, have you noticed the great job you have done?


“Tell yourself you did a great job as a parent today?” Judith-Rose Max

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