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How to communicate with your daughters about anything and everything

Press Release – 14 October 2013

Most parents struggle to know what to do to raise daughters with high self-esteem and the self-confidence to take on the world.

Australian mother of three, and creator of Happy Parenting, Judith-Rose Max, says parents worry about their daughters because girls place such high expectations on themselves and research shows there is an increase in mental health problems, binge drinking, eating disorders and bullying in our schools (1).

Parents want to talk to their kids about everything but just do not know where to start. Our daughters either roll their eyes or shut down completely. They seem to put their guards up the minute we start talking.

Judith-Rose Max says that the parent’s relationships with each other and their daughters are critical to the way our children view themselves and the how they respond to everyday life. As our daughters grow, we have the opportunity to influence their self-esteem, their confidence and the choices they make—when we know how.

The facts are:

  • The quality of the parents’ relationship directly affects the child – i.e. the better the parents get along the more positive influence on children (including behaviour, social competence, school engagement, reduced childhood depression and improved parent-child communication (2));
  • Children need to respect you and themselves – if they respect themselves, they value themselves and are able to respect other people. Children who do not respect themselves are more likely to drink alcohol, take drugs, engage in promiscuous behaviour, and treat others badly (3);
  • Where parents are involved, children are less likely to participate in risky behaviours – like smoking, drinking alcohol and fighting (4);
  • Teens with involved parents have better self-esteem and perform better in school (4);
  • Excellent communication requires excellent listening skills;
  • Poor communication skills are the largest contributor to conflict in relationships (5);
  • Our mother daughter relationship has the power to influence how our daughters see themselves, relate to their partners and mother their children (6).

Judith-Rose Max said fabulous relationships with our children require our energy and attention; we get what we put in. However our best intentions, do not always deliver the results we want. How we communicate and what we communicate is key to creating fabulous relationships with our daughters.

“This is why I have created the FREE “How to communicate with your daughters about anything and everything” online summit where parents will learn simple, proven techniques to have extraordinary relationships with their daughters from 15 top parenting experts.”

Parents log in from home and join in from 21 October to 24 October 2013 for a series of interviews with 15 parenting experts, Master Teachers from across the globe where they will discover “How to communicate with your daughters about anything and everything.”  Learn ways to empower your daughters with self –esteem and self-confidence, how to keep them safe, know how to talk to your girls about anything and everything and improve the way you connect with your kids forever.  All interviews are available to listen on-line, no need to leave home, get a baby sitter or pay for flights and hotel bills!

Our world class Master Teachers include: Michael Grose  one of Australia’s most popular parenting and educational presenters and founder of ParentingIdeas; Jodie Benveniste  psychologist, TEDx speaker and director of Parent Wellbeing; Sue Atkins parenting coach, writer, speaker, broadcaster and mum in United Kingdom; L.R. Knost, a best-selling author and founder and director of the advocacy and consulting group, Little Hearts Gentle Parenting Resources; Steve Wells  internationally recognised psychologist and leading researcher and pioneer in the new field of Energy Psychology; Mary Kay Hoal  mum of 5 children featured on CNN, BBC and ABC News from YourspherePinky McKay International board certified lactation consultant (BILK) and certified infant massage instructor; Dr Justin Coulson, psychologist, author and founder of Happy Families; Heather Shumaker, author of It’s OK Not to Share…And Other Renegade Rules for Raising Competent and Compassionate Kids; Gabriela Rosa internationally renowned author, natural health and fertility expert; Cyndi O’Meara nutritionist, international speaker, best-selling author and founder of Changing Habits;  Stefanie Schwartz Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist and founder of GroupWorx Psychology; Jonine Lee Gabay holistic counsellor, psychotherapist, life coach, neurolinguistic programming practitioner, family constellations facilitator and founder of Core Connection Health & Wellbeing; Sarah Spence, National Manager of Communications and Fundraising for the Butterfly Foundation and Judith-Rose Max, mum of three girls, creator of Happy Parenting and host for the “How to communicate with your daughters about anything and everything” 2013Telesummit.

Here are some of the topics parents will enjoy:

  • How to build strong relationships with your girls and help them grow into competent, confident and assertive young women
  • How parents can make a different to positive body image in children
  • Empowering girls to defeat anxiety and build their emotional resilience
  • How to nag without nagging
  • Raising “can do” girls
  • Making lifestyle choices for better mental and physical health
  • Creating emotionally intelligent girls
  • When it’s OK for kids not to share
  • How to boost the parent daughter relationship

To register for this FREE event please go to http://happyparenting.com.au/telesummit/.  No need to leave home, travel interstate or organise baby sitters all you need is your computer or telephone.

About Happy Parenting

Judith-Rose Max is the mother of three girls and coach for effective and informed parenting. Judith is the founder of Happy Parenting, a vibrant community for empowering parents to raise happy, healthy, successful and well-adjusted children.



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– See more at: http://internet-safety.yoursphere.com/how-to-communicate-with-your-daughters-about-anything-and-everything/#sthash.t1TnBS4Q.dpuf


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