Re-energise yourself these holidays

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Holidays are fabulous, plenty of opportunities to connect and interact with your kids, the family and your partner but there is little time to do the mundane things like shopping, dishes, washing, cleaning and ironing, let alone get a moment for yourself to take in the silence. – Unless you enlist the help of family members of course.
So in a nutshell, there seems to be no time to re-energise and reinvigorate yourself so that you can be your very best self throughout the holidays.

5 ways to re-energise yourself and stay in high spirits during the holidays.

1. While grocery shopping can be a chore, taking ten minutes extra to grab a cuppa on your own and enjoy the silence will be well deserved, and you will be ready to keep going for having had a moment to yourself.
2. If the kids are all asleep early in the morning get your sneakers on and head out for a walk or a jog, nothing like breathing in fresh air to rejuvenate and you will be doing the best thing for your body at the same time.
3. Arrange a park catch up with a friend, that way you and the kids will have someone to connect with and the chance to nurture your souls because you are meeting up with the people who you love and they also want to be with you.
4. If you have daughters, book a pedicure for you and a varnish for the kids, they’ll love it and you will feel happy to show your toes in your sandals.
5. Palm the kids off to your partner for a few hours and hide out in the bath or under the covers with an inspiring book. If he is feeling like he needs to re-energise too, return the favour – you will both feel better for some quiet time.

Of course, you can always trade babysitting time with your family members, a night out for you without any kids, in return for a night out for them without the kids.

Remember to make time for yourself these holidays, you need to rejuvenate and re-energise just as much as everyone else.

Happy holidays

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