Stop stress-related parenting health problems

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Did you know that 88% of working parents suffer stress-related health problems? A resounding 64% expressed suffering extreme fatigue, 59% experienced anxiety and 44% unhealthy weight gain. (1)

  • Are you physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted?
  • Are the kids sometimes just irritants?
  • Does it feel like every day is a huge struggle, and all you can see, for years and years ahead, is more of the same…?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have one more for you:

“What are you doing to take care of the most important asset in your family – and no it isn’t the children, the house or the car, it is YOU?”

Here are some significant impact stress reducing actions you can start immediately:

1.      Take responsibility for your choices

Do you know anyone that always has an excuse for not doing something: There was too much traffic…, I had too many other things to do…, the children were playing up…, I had to stay back at work, …, I’m too tired,  It’s too hard, I can’t make it…., the kids are making me cross…, She made me do it…. I imagine that like me, you have made an excuse on occasion for not doing something.

If you think back to that time when you made the excuse, did you think to yourself,  “Yes I got away with it!”

Are there times when you lament and wonder why you never achieve what you set out to do?

The bad news is, whatever is happening in your life, be it your health, your relationships, your kids, your eating habits, you are the one making the choices each and every day.  While many things in life happen to us, how we choose to respond and what we choose to do is up to us.

It might fascinate you to know, that minute you can recognise that things happen because of your choices, you are immediately empowered to do something about them.

Only once you acknowledge that you are responsible, will you have the power and knowledge that you can address everything that is standing in your way of caring for your most valuable asset. YOU!

So make your big impact starting now:  Admit that you are responsible for every action you choose to take or not take. And then, you can set about making the best choices possible to reduce your everyday stress.


2.      Say “NO I am sorry, I cannot add more to my load”?

If you have ever taken the time to stop, you might have noticed that your female contemporaries, the mums around you are all chasing their tails, and the disappointing this is, that most women never expect to get off the treadmill, EVER! Time for yourself, time to spend with your family is a goal that seems unattainable to almost every woman (and man) I know. So if you feel this way, you are not alone!

I am amazed that despite feeling overwhelmed, lacking sleep, and at the end of their tether, most women I know and work with, still agree to take on more.

I recently spoke to a friend of mine who is always the first to help, holds three jobs and is continually on the go. And that excludes her role of being a mum and a wife. Imagine my horror, when I heard she has just volunteered to do more. I am beyond baffled trying to resolve when she will fit this additional role into her daily routine.

The problem with never saying no is that you will continually say yes and continually add to your overwhelm, day in and day out, and because you never say no, for fear of upsetting someone,  you add extra pressure and strain on yourself and invariably find yourself in an ongoing downward spiral.

So make your big impact starting now:  Stop Saying yes to everyone else and start saying yes to yourself! And start to feel more in charge of your everyday stress.


3.      Stop and smell the roses at least once a day

In my experience, the problem with stopping for most people and this may or may not be you, is you are petrified that if you do stop, you might find it too hard to get started again, and you do not know how you will ever muster the energy to get going again.

Alternatively, you are scared that when you do decide to stop, you will notice everything around you that is being neglected or missing out, because you are busy with something else.

I am motivated by Brene’ Brown’s challenge to each of us to live our authentic selves, to let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as a sign of self-worth.

Being busy is not what brings us joy, it does not bring us life, and it is unlikely to be the best way to cultivate relationships with the people we love, care for, and hold dear.

So make your big impact starting now:  Stop and take notice of everyone and everything that you love! And use these precious reminders to inspire and guide you to making your best choices.


So I ask you, do you know how to impact positively your health and reduce the stress in your life?

If the answer is yes, go ahead make the change, stop blaming everyone else,  and take charge, take control and reduce your stress now.

If the answer is no, if you’ve tried it before and you are stuck and you need a helping hand to stay on the best choice path, reach out and ask me.

I understand you, I really get it, because I was an overwhelmed, tired stressed and rushed mum, and I no longer am.

Contact me right now and I’ll hold your hand to help you start to triumph over your everyday parenting struggles.






(1) Working parents could select more than one health problem and 82% identified at least one health problem

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