When I began as Judith’s client, I was in a place where I wasn’t feeling very sure of myself. I asked to be coached around intimate relationships, because I’d been divorced for 4 years and hadn’t even attempted another relationship in that time. I was curious to learn the underlying reasons why this was so. Judith helped me to get clarity around this and to acknowledge all the good things I was doing in my life. As we continued over several sessions, Judith helped me to see clearly that a huge factor in my lack of progress in several areas of my life was simply a lack of trust in myself. She helped me to understand all the reasons why I can trust myself. Even today, as I come up against new challenges, I remember to just trust myself. I feel stronger and more grounded. I am now calmer and more confident. I would recommend Judith-Rose Max to anyone seeking greater clarity as to why they are holding themselves back in any area of their life. Her support and insights have helped me to make positive changes and grow in confidence as a woman. Thank you Judith xx

Sophia, Queensland, 2016

For a range of reasons I was at one of my lowest points earlier this year due to recent events combined with some long term issues that had gone unresolved. I was feeling completely stuck in all aspects of my life and had lost all my mojo to do anything at all. I have in the past few months been able to identify what areas have needed to be addressed and a new perspective has been gained. As a result of working with Judith-Rose I have gone from a 3 to a 8 out of ten and feel a lot more emotionally balanced and have made two monumental changes in the short amount of time. One to help get me out of my most recent horrible funk and the other to get me out of a life time habit that was serving me no purpose at all. The second being the more difficult one but the one that will have the greatest impact on my current and future well being.

Janina, Victoria, 2016

Before our coaching experience I was experiencing a lot of mixed emotions about myself personally and what I wanted to do as a career. I was at a very low point emotionally and kept running away from problems rather than facing them. I feel I have gained a lot through this coaching experience. Judith allows you to recognise and acknowledge your own personal strengths and how you can implement them in every day life. I can now recognise my own strengths and more importantly I now believe them which has always been a ongoing struggle for me. Through the coaching sessions I now have an idea what I want to do as a career. As a result of working with Judith-Rose Max, I now feel more confident within myself, happy and determined to continue on this road. I would recommend Judith-Rose Max to anyone who wants to see change within their life; whether it is small or big. Furthermore, anyone who wants support or guidance in any aspect of their personal/professionally life. Judith is very approachable and easy to talk to and you can’t help but open up to her. I highly recommend Judith and I am so lucky and happy to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Sarah, New South Wales, 2016

Before our coaching started I was spending a lot of time and energy, trying to decide what the next step in my career would look like. The time with Judith-Rose helped me rediscover my strengths, gave me insights on limiting beliefs that had shaped my past and present, helped me to see who I wanted to be and gave me the clarity to step forward in my career. As a result of working with Judith-Rose Max, I now feel calm, focused, confident and ready to take on any challenge. I would recommend Judith-Rose Max to anyone who wants to get clarity on what is holding them back from achieving everything they want in life. Judith-Rose is a warm and caring coach, who knows when to be supportive and when to push you forward. She is very present in the conversations and creates a safe place to explore and grow. I’ve had great benefits from my coaching program and would highly recommend her as a coach.

Tanja, Victoria, 2016

Before I began to work with Judith-Rose, I had hit a point in my life where I felt somewhat stagnated after a demanding period of hard work to ensure the safety and wellbeing of my family. Now that I had more time available, I was seeking a personally fulfilling occupation and had just commenced some further study when Judith-Rose came onboard with me. Judith-Rose assisted me to step back and take a critical look at my current opportunities and challenges. Her questions always went straight to the point, making me face my biggest barriers head on, and leading to many “aha!” moments. Often, factors I had perceived as almost insurmountable became much more realistic once we had worked through them in this way. She quickly identified the most relevant issues in each situation, which enabled the most effective improvement or change. After working with Judith-Rose, I feel more empowered to make the most of my strengths, better enabling me to be the best parent I can be for my children. She enabled me to feel proud of how much I have already achieved, and that there are still so many more opportunities to keep working with my family to improve things for us even further. I would recommend engaging Judith-Rose to anyone who could benefit from some extra insight and clarity in their current life situation, and in laying the framework to work towards your future goals. She is able to efficiently cut through the chaff and identify the real issues and factors to effect the changes you would like to see in your life. Thank you so much for all your support, energy and time. And for caring about my family and I 🙂

Best wishes, Kim, Western Australia, 2016

I have had the precious opportunity to work with Judith-Rose in exploring some of my core relationships that surround me, including my relationship with myself. Judith’s assertiveness and persistence has allowed me to stretch my self-awareness beyond levels that are usual to me. As a result, I’ve been able to better understand myself and my map(identity). It was an honour to have had her as a coach.

Maya, Malaysia, 2016

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